With many savings accounts and ISAs offering interest rates below 1%, you’d be forgiven for wondering where it’s best to place your cash savings. Hampstead estate agents TK International suggest that investing your money in London property - particularly in Hampstead and the surrounding areas - is a viable alternative to bank accounts.


With Valentine’s Day almost upon us, those living in a Hampstead property are surrounded by some of the most romantic venues and locations in London. TK International’s top five beauty spots in Hampstead are ideal for the 14th February or at any point during the year. Just add love.

Research from a leading property source suggests that homeowners aged between 52 and 70 are amongst the richest age group by asset class, having enjoyed a house price growth of 428% since 1983 across the UK and a whopping 559% in London. The phenomenon has even lead to the term ‘the silver pound’, which refers to the purchasing power of the asset-rich 52+ generation.


With the season of indulgence upon us, it’s easy to loosen the belt a notch or two, forgo the gym for gin and generally relax. If you find yourself overdoing the mince pies or making a New Year’s resolution to shed the pounds, NW3 is a brilliant place to exercise.

Holidays are coming, so the Coca Cola advert likes to remind us, but it can feel like the festive season is passing you by, if you’re caught up in the frenzy of looking at properties for sale in Hampstead.

North West London estate agents TK International are proud to be the lead sponsor of this year’s prestigious Hampstead Arts Festival, taking place between Saturday 5th and Sunday 20th November. This is the fifth year that the Hampstead estate agents have sponsored this eclectic mix of performances showcased in some of Hampstead’s finest and most intimate venues, many of which are a short walk from stunning Hampstead property for sale.


Many people have been asking us what the post Referendum London property market is like. TK International can report it is fluid and healthy, with low mortgage rates and an ultra competitive lending market. The capital’s property market is, however, always changing and the referendum result has reshaped buying conditions in London.

This period Hampstead Village property is ideal for a large family

The heritage of Hampstead properties

Hampstead has a history of grand, opulent living and it continues today, with many properties for sale in Hampstead having a rich heritage, mansion proportions or period provenance. To set the scene and to perhaps inspire your search for a Hampstead property, here is a nostalgic look at the neighbourhood’s historic houses and illustrious past.


Some of the finest properties to rent in Hampstead are available through North West London letting agents TK International. Our lettings team is busy matching the exclusive homes in Hampstead Village, West Hampstead, South Hampstead and Hampstead Garden Suburb with some of the world’s most prestigious clients. Here’s our whistle-stop tour of the luxury lettings market in Hampstead.


If you are buying or renting a Hampstead property, you’ll be amazed that you are only 20 minutes or less from some of the most contemporary and buzzing places in London, despite the area’s village vibe.


Everyone has heard of the ‘accidental’ landlord but how about the ‘unexpected’ one? There are many instances when a homeowner doesn’t need to live in their own property – with situations (some unplanned) such as sabbaticals, working abroad, travel or a change in relationship taking people away from their homes.

Leading Hampstead estate agent TK International is keen to advise vendors how to achieve a quick sale of their Hampstead property during the summer months. Typically during this period the market quietens down and with the recent uncertainty of Brexit and a change of Prime Minister, some movers are pressing the ‘pause’ button.


Leading North West London sales and letting agents TK International offer a plethora of unique apartments and houses to rent in Hampstead and in some of London’s other desirable neighbourhoods. 

If you’re looking for a swift sale of your Hampstead property, you can follow a few tried and tested measures to quicken the pace. If all the pieces fall into place, you might even be able to accept an offer within 24 hours!

Just when you thought you’d explored every inch, nook, cranny and attraction in the capital, here are six more you might like to try. 

North West London estate agents TK International uses the end of 2016’s first quarter to assess the local property market, with information that might help buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants plan their next property move.

A recent survey revealed that people under 35 are more likely to put their trust in estate agents than older people*. In fact, trust is vital when you are charging an estate agent to sell your London property - probably the most expensive asset you own.


If you are selling or buying a property for sale in North West London, there are a number of important procedures that you will need to go through and one of these is conveyancy. This is the legal and administration process associated with transferring ownership of property from one person to another. 


Figures from Rightmove’s first quarterly Rental Trends Tracker in 2015 showed that demand for rental homes is at the highest it has ever been. The research looked at 249,357 asking prices for rental properties coming into the market within the last two years before it reached its conclusion.

While seasonal theories often come into consideration when deciding on the best time to sell a property, other factors (such as the state of the market and financial dynamics) are also important.


Investing in property, particularly in London, is still an attractive proposition among foreign nationals when compared with other investment options. In fact, the return on some Central London property is outperforming stocks, shares, pensions, gold and fine art.


What’s new in mortgages…

While this summer’s weather has been miserable; there has been no sign of a summer slump in the mortgage industry. Homebuyers borrowed more this July than in any month since the financial crisis in 2008. Mortgage lenders are still lowering their rates, allowing buyers and re-mortgagers to lock into record-low deals, while any interest rate rise might have been pushed back to autumn 2016, in the wake of the China stock market crash.


Buy-to-let overview: positive figures

New research has found that growth in the buy-to-let market remained robust in the second quarter of 2015, with 43% of landlords experiencing a rise in tenant demand - a trend that has occurred for the past three consecutive quarters, according to figures from Paragon Mortgages. Frequently offering higher investment rewards than currently available through stocks, shares, traditional pensions and cash ISAs, the buy-to-let market continues to become a mainstream investment option.

We are passionate about being involved in our local community and TK International welcomed the opportunity to be one of the main sponsors of this year's annual Hampstead Summer Festival, taking place between Saturday 20th June and Sunday 5th July.


Post-election property market:What happens next?

The dust has now settled on the post-election furore and those with a vested interest in buying property - whether that's to live in or as an investment - will be wondering what might be in store for the London market.


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