With many savings accounts and ISAs offering interest rates below 1%, you’d be forgiven for wondering where it’s best to place your cash savings. Hampstead estate agents TK International suggest that investing your money in London property - particularly in Hampstead and the surrounding areas - is a viable alternative to bank accounts.


With Valentine’s Day almost upon us, those living in a Hampstead property are surrounded by some of the most romantic venues and locations in London. TK International’s top five beauty spots in Hampstead are ideal for the 14th February or at any point during the year. Just add love.

Research from a leading property source suggests that homeowners aged between 52 and 70 are amongst the richest age group by asset class, having enjoyed a house price growth of 428% since 1983 across the UK and a whopping 559% in London. The phenomenon has even lead to the term ‘the silver pound’, which refers to the purchasing power of the asset-rich 52+ generation.