Hampstead Heath’s historic Red Arches bridge and secluded pond is a perfect spot for a romantic retreat close to Hampstead properties


With Valentine’s Day almost upon us, those living in a Hampstead property are surrounded by some of the most romantic venues and locations in London. TK International’s top five beauty spots in Hampstead are ideal for the 14th February or at any point during the year. Just add love.

Hampstead Heath for walks, sunsets and stargazing
Strolling along in the open air is perfect first-date fodder or a great way to build an appetite before a romantic meal. Hampstead properties have the Heath on their doorstep - 320 acres of ancient parkland, with a variety of rambling hills, ponds, woodlands and three open air public swimming pools. Why not walk to the top of Parliament Hill on Valentine’s Day to admire breathtaking views of the London skyline? Watch the sunset and the stars appear before heading to Hampstead Village for a drink or candlelit dinner.

Keats House at 10 Keats Grove
Take a trip with your beloved to this beautiful Hampstead property, fittingly once home to the romantic poet, John Keats. Today, it is a museum and literary centre dedicated to the man who lived and wrote some of his most famous poetry in Hampstead itself. There are a number of special Valentine’s Day events taking place at Keats House, including Valentine’s Late Night, Valentine’s Guided Tour: ‘Love is my religion’ and Afternoon Poems: Love is…

Le Cage Imaginaire, 16 Flask Walk
This French restaurant set on a cobbled Hampstead street is ideal for a romantic dinner, thanks to its intimate nature and cosy ambience. A special three course menu is planned for Valentine’s Day, with a wide selection of Mediterranean cuisine and champagne on ice.

Waitrose Cookery Courses – Waitrose, 199 Finchley Road
From aphrodisiacs to the phrase ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’, food and love are intrinsically linked. Why not book a cooking course with your partner? You can also purchase gift certificates for Waitrose’s courses – perfect for the foodie you love.

Achillea Florist, Mill Lane
Some say the history of giving a loved one flowers on Valentine’s Day comes from the 18th century as a way to pass on nonverbal messages. Others suggest that the Rose is the favourite flower of Venus, the Goddess of Love. Whatever the history, visit this Hampstead florist for the perfect bouquet this Valentine’s.

Hampstead is hard not to fall in love with. If your heart is set on a Hampstead property for sale or to rent, contact TK International today and we’ll match you with the perfect property partner.

Photo Credit: Jonny Irons