Think about which areas you would like to be rent in. Are they close to transport facilities, schools and amenities?


The rent per week is an important part of the rental process but you will also need to ensure you take into consideration the utility bills, council tax and the upkeep of the property such as cleaning and gardening.

Monthly rental payment for a property is calculated by multiplying the weekly rent by 52 and dividing the total sum by 12.

Rental Term

Typically all tenancies in the UK can start from a minimum of 6 Months, usually we agree tenancies for a period of 12 Months which qualifies them an Assured Short-hold Tenancy (AST) and the deposit monies are protected in the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS).


Once an offer is accepted, the agent will ask you to complete a reference form which will be checked by an external company, they will usually contact your previous landlord, current employer and any previous credit history.


If TK International manage the property then our designated property manager can be contacted to handle any emergencies.

If we do not manage the property, you have to contact the landlord directly regarding any maintenance issues.

Break Clause

If you have a break clause and wish to invoke this then all notices should be served in writing and in accordance with your Tenancy Agreement.

Tenancy End

When you are vacating the property, it will be your responsibility as the tenant to ensure the property has been professionally cleaned and that the Inventory Check Out has been booked before or at the end date of the tenancy. The property must be handed back to the Landlord/Agent in the same condition as it was given to you at the beginning of the Tenancy. Any discrepancies between the Inventory check-in and check-out report may result in deductions from your deposit.